Gebrüder Lohmann GmbH - Aluminium in Bestform seit 1946!

We design and produce cast products according to the chill casting methods with weights up to 15 kg from small to large:

  • Custom castings 
  • Standard parts

Lohmann provides a wide range of services for the development and production of chilled casting from the technical local customer support to the delivery of the measured and recorded finished parts.

  • In-house construction (CAD/CAM)
  • In-house tool manufacture
  • In-house casting
  • In-house CNC-machining
  • In-house surface refinement

avoids friction and helps to a rapid response to customer requests.

In the foundry we work with hydraulically operated casting machines with clamping plates up to 1000×1000 mm. – unit weight 15 kg. We process all commercial alloys. Special alloys by request. 

In addition to the conventional machining techniques such as drilling machines, broaching machines and so forth, we can offer the following CNC machines in the mechanical processing

  • 3-axis turning machines (with driven tools)
  • 4-axis - mashining centers - vertical
  • 4-axis - mashining centers - horizontal
  • 3-axis – coordinating measuring machines

The  CNC-manufacturing is completed  as required by

  • Assembly
  • Surface refining:
  • Grinding
  • Polishing

                           * Painting
                           * Powder coating
                           * Chromate
                           * Radiation
We gladly advise you on the proper iron design for your needs and tasks.